Software Defined Access (SD-Access)

SD Access provides an evolved campus network that can be built to address needs of existing campus networks with some additional features and capabilities, such as

Network Automation

Software defined access replaces a manual network device configuration with network device management through automation.

It uses a single point of automation, orchestration and management of network functions through the use of Cisco DNA centre.

This simplifies network design and provisioning to allow for a very fast low risk deployment of network devices using best practice configurations.

Network Assurance and Analytics

Software defined access provides proactive prediction of network related and security related risks by using telemetry to improve the performance of the network, endpoints and applications. This includes encrypted traffic too.

Host Mobility

Software defined access provides host mobility for wired and wireless clients

Identity Services

Cisco ISE identifies user and devices connecting to the network and provides the contextual information for users and devices to implement security policies for network access control and segmentation.

Policy Enforcement

Traditional access control lists are replaced with security group access lists. Providing a simpler and more scalable form of policy enforcement based on an identity instead of an IP address.

Secure Segmentation

Software defined access makes it easier to segment the network to support different areas for guest, corporate and IoT enabled infrastructure.

Network Virtualisation

Software defined access makes it possible to leverage a single physical infrastructure to support multiple virtual routing and forwarding instances (VRFs), known as a virtual network.



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