SD-WAN: vBond Orchestrator

vBond Orchestrator authenticates the vSmart controllers and the SD-WAN routers.

It orchestrates connectivity between the vSmart controllers and the SD-WAN routers.

The vBond Orchestrator is the only device that requires to have a public IP address on it so all other SD-WAN devices can connect to it.

There are three components of the vBond Orchestrator:

Control Plane Connection

Each vBond Orchestrator has a permanent control plane connection over a DTLS tunnel with each vSmart controller.

The vBond orchestrator uses DTLS tunnels to communicate with SD-WAN routers when they come online.

The DTLS tunnel to SD-WAN routers is used to authentication the SD-WAN routers and facilitate their ability to join the network.

Authentication of a SD-WAN router is carried out using certificates and RSA cryptography.

NAT Traversal

The vBond orchestrator facilitates the initial orchestration between SD-WAN routers and vSmart controllers when one or both of them are behind NAT devices. Peer-to-peer technologies are used t o facilitate the connection

Load Balancing

vBond Orchestrator performs load balacing of SD-WAN routers across vSmart controllers as routers come online



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