SD-Access: Physical Layer

Everything in Cisco software defined access runs on physical network devices: Switches, routers, servers, wireless LAN controllers and wireless access points.

Cisco switches provide wired access to the fabric. Support is available for both Catalyst and Nexus switches.

Cisco routers provide WAN and branch access to the fabric. ASR, ISR, and CSR routers (including the CSRv and ISRv virtual routers) are supported.

Cisco controller appliances on servers such as ISE and DNA centre are required for SD-Access

All of the Cisco network devices that participate in software defined access musty support all of the hardware ASICs and FPGAs, along with software requirements defined in the Network Layer.

Cisco access layer switches that do not participate in the software defined access fabric but are part of it through automation are defined as SD-Access extension nodes.



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