SD-Access: Fabric Border Nodes

Fabric border notes are LISP proxy tunnel routers (PxTRs) that connect external Layer 3 networks to the SD-Access fabric and translate reachability and policy information from one domain to another.

There are three types of Fabric Border Nodes:

  • Internal Border (Rest of the enterprise network)
  • Default Border (Outside)
  • Internal Border and Default Border (Anywhere)

Internal Border

The internal border connects only to known areas of the organisation such as the firewall or data centre

Default Border

The default border connects only to unknown areas of the organisation. The border is configured with a default route to reach external unknown subnets such as the internet.

Internal and Default Border

The internal and default border connects transit areas as well as known areas of the company. It is a border that combines both the internal and default border into a single node



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