Network Diagnostics: traceroute

A traceroute is a common troubleshooting tool to determine where traffic goes to reach it’s destination.

traceroute will show the IP address or DNS name of hops between the source and destination. It will demonstrates how long it has taken to reach each hop three times, each measured in milliseconds.

A traceroute will display an asterisk if a hop is unreachable.

A traceroute will try to reach a destination up to 30 hops away.

Additional Parameters

There some additional parameters that can be utilised with traceroute

numeric – Display numeric IP addresses only and not domain names

port – Destination port number of the probes sent

source – Source address of the traceroute

timeout – How long before timing out a hop reachability attempt

ttl – Maximum time to live set on traceroutes

These parameters can be added onto a traceroute command, or by typing traceroute and enter, an interactive prompt will ask which parameters are to be set



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