Cisco DNA Centre Assurance

Cisco DNA Centre Assurance provides a tool for handling relevant customer requirements with the following capabilities:

  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Configuration
  • Software Image Management (SWIM)
  • Simplified Provisioning for Devices
  • Wireless Network Management
  • Simplified Security Policies
  • Configuration Templates
  • Network Assurance
  • Plug and Play

Cisco DNA Centre Assurance provides a feature called Network Time Travel in Network Assurance. It allows the network administrator to play back an event that happened in the network at a particular date and time to try locate the source of an issue; for example a user was unable to connect to the wireless network at 3pm.

Network Assurance can show what is happening in the network now plus show what is happening in the network with predicted trends for the future.

If an issue is found, Network Assurance can use artificial intelligence to try provide guided remediation steps to fix the problem.

Network Assurance provides an overall view of the health of the network from wired to wireless clients, to switches and other network devices.

A simple search in Network Assurance can provide all the information needed for a network administrator to troubleshoot an issue, in comparison to multiple show commands being required to be ran on multiple network devices.

The information presented can be as much as:

  • The device type
  • The OS version
  • The MAC address
  • The IPv4 address
  • The VLAN ID
  • Connectivity Status
  • When the device was last seen
  • What network device the device is connected too
  • Wireless SSID used
  • Last known location

Network Assurance can provide this information due to the APIs it can use to integrate with technologies such as Active Directory, Identity Services Engine (ISE), ServiceNow and Infoblox.

Network Assurance includes a tool called Path Trace. Path Trace is a visual traceroute tool that can be ran periodically or continuously.



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