Verifying Etherchannel Status

Once a port channel has established, it is important to check that it is operating optimally. The command show etherchannel summary provides a summary of configured port channels on the switch along with its status.

Status CodeDescription
UThe Etherchannel is up and working correctly
DThe Etherchannel is down and not working
MThe Etherchannel has succesfully as established a link using at least one member, however the minimum number of links required as configured by the user on the switch has not been met. This is configured using the command port-channel min-links X in interface configuration mode
SThe port channel is configured on a Layer 2 level (access or trunk)
RThe port-channel is configured on a Layer 3 level
Status codes of an Etherchannel
Status CodeDescription
PThe member interface is actively participating in the Etherchannel
HThe port channel is configured with the maximum number of active members. This member is not operating and forwarding traffic but is in a hot standby state ready to take over if an interface fails.
IThe member interface has not picked up on any LACP traffic and is operating individually.
wThe interface is waiting for a packet to arrive from its neighbour to ensure the link is still alive.
sThis member interface is in a suspended state
rThe switch module associated with the member interface has been removed.
Status codes of a member interface on a Etherchannel




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