Verifying BGP Sessions

To verify the status of a BGP session, the comand show ip bgp summary or show bgp ipv4 unicast summary can show the current status of sessions with neighbours.

The fields in this summary command are defined as follows:

  • Neighbor – The IP address of the peer
  • V – BGP Version used by the peer
  • AS – AS Number of the peer
  • MsgRcvd – Number of messages received from the peer
  • MsgSent – Number of messages sent to the peer
  • TblVer – The last version of the BGP database sent to that peer
  • InQ – Number of messages received to be processed by that peer
  • OutQ – Number of messages sent to be processed that by that peer.
  • Up/Down – The length of time the BGP session has been established for.
  • State/PfxRcd – The current state of the BGP peer or number of prefixes received by that peer

Further information such as session state, timers and more can be showen with the command show bgp ipv4 unicast neighbours



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