Quality of Service: Layer 7 Classification

NBAR2, Next Generation Network-Based Application Recognition, is a packet inspection engine that can classify and identify a variety of protocols and applications using the packets layer 3 to 7 data.

NBAR2 can recognise more than one thousand applications, with new update packs being released for recognition of new and emerging applications. A protocol pack update does not require IOS to be updated or the router to be reloaded.

NBAR2 has two modes in its operation, Protocol Discovery and Modular QoS CLI

Protocol Discovery

NBAR2 can utilise protocol discovery to discover and get real-time information on applications transmitting through the router. The statistics gathered from protocol discovery can be used to define quality of service classes and policies in the second part of its operations, Modular QoS CLI.

MQC – Modular QoS CLI

MQC can be used to place specific network traffic of applications into classifications. Once application traffic has been classified it can be used with different QoS policies.



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