Puppet Bolt

Puppet Bolt allows the functionality of Puppet without the need to install a Puppet master or Puppet agents on devices or nodes.

Puppet Bolt connects to devices using SSH or WinRM connections.

Puppet Bolt is an open source language based on the Ruby Language and can be installed as a single package.

Tasks can be used for pushing configurations and managing services such as starting and stopping services or delivering an application.

Puppet Bolt allows a change to be executed or configuration changed and then validated.

There are two ways to use Puppet Bolt

  • Orchestrator Driven Tasks
  • Standalone Tasks

Orchestrator Driven Tasks

Orchestrator driven tasks can leverage the Puppet architecture to use services to connect to devices. Meant for large scale environments

Standalone Tasks

Standalone tasks are used for connecting directly to devices or nodes to execute tasks and do not require any Puppet environment or components to be set up.

Individual commands can be run from the command line using the command bolt command run <command name> followed by the list of devices to run the command against. Scripts can be made to run multiple commands if required.

Puppet Bolt will copy the script to a temporary directory on the remote device, execute the script, capture the result, and remove the script from the system.




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