PIM Bootstrap Router: Candidate Rendezvous Points

A PIM bootstrap router that has been configured as a candidate rendezvous point will receive messages from the bootstrap router.

The bootstrap router contains information that will identify the current active bootstrap router.

The message can be used for the candidate rendezvous point to forward group to rendezvous point mappings from its cache to the boot strap router.

The bootstrap router will collect this information from all candidate rendezvous points in the network and forward them to all PIM routers in the network.

The PIM Bootstrap router mechanism does not elect an active rendezvous point for the entire multicast network. Each router will use a identical hashing algorithm to elect a current active rendezvous point for a particular group range. The hashing algorithm will return a priority value where the lowest priority becomes the active rendezvous point for that group range. If the priority is tied, the IP address which is the highest is selected instead.



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