OSPFv3 Packet Types

TypePacket NameSourceDestinationPurpose
1HelloLink-local addressFF02:55Discover and maintain neighbours
1HelloLink-local addressLink-local addressInitial forming of adjacency and immediate hello
2Database DescriptionLink-local addressLink-local addressSummarise database contents
3Link state requestLink-local addressLink-local addressRequesting information from a database
4Link-state updateLink-local addressLink-local addressInitial adjacency forming in response to a link state request
4Link-state updateLink-local address from DRFF02::5Database update
4Link-state updateLink-local address from non- DRFF02::6Database update
5Link-state acknowledgementLink-local addressLink-local addressInitial forming of adjacency in response to a link state update
5Link-state acknowledgementLink-local address from DRFF02::5Acknowledgement flood
5Link-state acknowledgementLink-local address from non-DRFF02::6Acknowledgment flood to DR/BDRs
Packet types in OSPFv3



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