OSPFv3 LSA Types

LS TypeNameDescription
0x2001RouterDescribe the state and cost to reach a routers interface in an area
0x2002NetworkA LSA that announces all of the routers attached to the link including itself
0x2003Interarea PrefixDescribes routes to IPv6 address prefixes that belong to other areas
0x2004Interarea RouterAnnounces the interface addresses of autonomous system boundary routers in other areas
0x4005AS ExternalAS External LSAs that are default routes or routes learned through redistribution from other routing protocols
0x2007NSSAAutonomous system boundary routers that are located in not-so-stubby areas
0x0008LinkA mapping of the global unicast address prefixes associated with an interface to the link-local interface IP address of the router. Only shared between routers utilising the same link
0x2009Intra-area PrefixThe intra-area prefix is used to advertise one or more IPv6 prefixes that are part of a router, stub, or transit network area.
OSPv3 LSA Types



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