OSPFv3 Link State Advertisements

OSPFv3 protocols use the ID 89, with communication between different routers using the local interfaces IPv6 link local address.

OSPFv3 link state advertisements are a little different from OSPFv2.

For the Router link state advertisement, the network summary LSA is renamed the interarea prefix LSA.

The ASBR summary link state advrtisement is renamed to interarea router LSA.

The router LSA is only responsible for the announcement of interface parameters, such as the interface type and metric.

There are two entirely new or renamed link state advertisements to handle IP address information, these are the Intra-area prefix LSA as mentioned earlier and the link-local LSA.

The shortest path first calculation (The OSPF Dijkstra calculation) only examines the router and network LSAs. By advertising the IP address information in new LSAs the recalculation no longer needs to be re-performed every time that a IP address is added or changed on an interface.



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