OSPFv3 Communication

OSPFv3 packets use protocol 89, with communication using the routers link local interface address as the source. The destination address is either a unicast link local address or multicast link local address.

ff02::05OSPFv3 All Routers
ff02::06OSPFv3 Designated Routers
Multicast addresses used in OSPFv3 communication

Every router will use the multicast address FF02::5 to send the OSPF hello messages to other OSPF enabled routers on the same link.

These hello messages are used for neighbour discovery and detecting whether an existing neighbour relationship is still online.

The DR and BDR routers in an OSPF segment also use these addresses to send link-state updates and acknowledgement messages to all routers

Routers that are not the DR or BDR use the ff02:06 multicast address to send acknowledgement or update messages to the DR and BDR.



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