EIGRP Topology Table

In EIGRP there is a topology table that is separate from the routing table. This topology table makes EIGRP different from a traditional distance vector protocol and contains information to identify loop-free routes. Each entry in this topology table contains:

  1. The network prefix
  2. EIGRP neighbors that have advertised that network prefix
  3. The metrics from each neighbor advertising the network prefix such as:
    1. Reported Distance
    2. Hop Count
  4. Values that may be used for calculating the metric from the local router:
    1. Minimum Bandwidth
    2. Total Delay
    3. Reliability
    4. Link Load

The topology table can be viewed with the command show ip eigrp topology

Status CodeDescription
PThe route is passive, and topology stable.
AThe route is undergoing a change and is being computed.
Common status codes in the EIGRP topology table



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