CCNP Enterprise Core (350-401) Cisco Services

DSCP Per-Hop Behaviours: Summary Table

DSCP ClassDSCP Value BinaryDSCP Value DecimalDrop ProbabilityLegacy IP Precedence Conversion
DF (CS0)000 00000
CS1001 00081
AF11001 01010Low1
AF12001 10012Medium1
AF13001 11014High1
CS2010 000162
AF21010 01018Low2
AF22010 10020Medium2
AF23010 01022High2
CS3011 000243
AF31011 01026Low3
AF32011 10028Medium3
AF33011 11030High3
CS4100 000324
AF41100 01034Low4
AF42100 10036Medium4
AF43100 11038High4
CS5101 000405
EF101 110465
CS6110 000486
CS7111 000567
List of DSCP PHBs

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