Definitions for LISP Architecture

Endpoint Identifier

The Endpoint Identifier is the IP address of an endpoint within a LISP site, such as a laptop or other end user device


The LISP site is a name of a site where LISP routers and endpoint identifiers reside

Ingress Tunnel Router (ITR)

An ingress tunnel router are the LISP routers that encapsulate IP packets coming from endpoint identifiers that have a destination outside of the LISP site.

Egress Tunnel Router (ETR)

An egress tunnel router decapsulate traffic LISP IP packets coming from sites outside of the LISP site, destined to endpoint identifiers within the LISP site.

Tunnel Router (xTR)

A tunnel router is a router that performs the functions of an ingress tunnel router or an egress tunnel router

Proxy ITR (PITR)

A proxy ingress tunnel router is similar to a regular ingress tunnel router, but for non-LISP sites that sent traffic to end point identifier devices

Proxy ETR (PETR)

A proxy egress tunnel router are like regular regular egress tunnel routers but sends traffic from end point identifier devices to non-LISP sites

Proxy xTR (PxTR)

A proxy tunnel router refers to a proxy ingress tunnel router or proxy egress tunnel router

LISP Router

A LISP router is a router that performs the functions of a ITR, ETC, PITR or PETR

Routing Locator (RLOC)

The routing locator is a IPv4 or IPv6 address of an egress tunnel route that is internet or network core facing

Map Server (MS)

The map server is a network device t hat learns end point identifier to prefix mapping entries from an egress tunnel router and stores them in a EID-to-RLOC database.

Map Resolver (MR)

The map server is a network device that receives LISP-encapsulated map requests for an ingress tunnel router and finds the appropriate egress tunnel router to answer those requests.

Map Server/Map Resolver (MS/MR)

When the map server and the map resolver functions are on the same device, is it referred to as a MS/MR



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