Configuring Virtual Redundancy Router Protocol

Legacy Configuration

VRRP V2 can be configured by utilising this method

Inside interface configuration mode, define the group and virtual IP address:

vrrp <group-number> ip <virtual-ip-address>

This all the configuration required to get VRRP running, but there are additional optional configuration that can be added.

A priority can be defined between 0 and 255. Define the priority with the command vrrp <group-number> priority <priority>. The highest priority becomes the master router. Preemption is enabled by default so changes will be reflected almost immediately.

Authentication can be added with the command vrrp <group-number> authentication. A plain text password can be sent across the network or a MD5 hash can be utilised instead. Use keywords text <text-password>, md5 key-chain <key-chain-name>, md5 key-string <key-string>

Hierarchical VRRP Configuration

In IOS XE, VRRP is configured differently.

Begin in global configuration mode with the command fhrp version vrrp v3 to enable VRRPv3 on the router.

The VRRP instance is then defined inside interface configuration mode with the command vrrp <group-id> address family complete the command with the address family to be used, ipv4 or ipv6

If only VRRPv2 is to be used, it can be changed at this stage with the command vrrpv2

The gateway virtual IP address can be defined with the command address <ip-address>

Optionally, the priority of the group can be configured with the command priority <priority-value>



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