Configuring Global Load Balancing Protocol (GBLP)

Under interface configuration mode, define the group and virtual IP address.

glbp <group-id> ip <ip-address>

Preemption is disabled by default for an election of an active virtual gateway. To enable preemption use the command glbp <group-id> preemption

GLBP timers can be modified from their defaults (3 seconds hello, 10 seconds hold) with the command glbp <group-id> timers <hello-seconds> <hold-seconds>. GLBP supports millisecond timers too.

Authentication can be defined in GLBP will the command glbp <group-id> authentication, finish the command with one of the following parameters:

  • text <text-password>
  • md5 key-chain <key-chain-name>
  • md5 key-string <key-string>

Load balancing can be modified from the default round robin configuration with the command glbp <group-id> load balancing followed by a choice of:

  • round-robin
  • weighted
  • host-dependent

If the weighted load balancing method is being used, a local routers weight can be set with the command glbp <group-id> weighting <weight>



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