Configuration of Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Begin in interface configuration mode, the HSRP instance can be configured with the command standby <group-number> ip <virtual-ip-address>

If preemption is to be enabled, the command standby <group-number> preempt must be entered. This means if a router with a higher priority joins the group than the current active router, it will assign the active role to that router.

By default the priority is 100, but this can be changed with the command standby <group-number> <0-255>

If a different MAC address is required from the default used in HSRP, it can be defined with the command standby <group-number> mac-address <mac-address>

HSRP timers can be modified from their defaults (3 seconds hello, 10 seconds hold) with the command standby <group-number> timers <seconds>. If you are running HSRP version 2, you have the option of defining milliseconds with the command standby <group-number> msec <milliseconds>

If HSRP authentication is to be enabled, use the command standby <group-number> authentication, to complete the command you can utilise a plain-text password with text <password> or an md5 keychain with md5 key-chain <key-chain-name> or key string md5 key-string <key-string>



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