Configuration of Etherchannel

Etherchannel is configured in the interface configuration mode of the switch. There are three ways that it can be configured: statically, LACP, or PAgP. X in the examples below are the channel-group number.


channel-group X mode on

LACP Etherchannel

Active Mode

channel-group X mode active

Passive Mode

channel-group X mode passive

PAgP Etherchannel

Desirable Mode

channel-group X mode desirable

Auto Mode

channel-group X mode auto

Non-silent mode

PAgP has an additional suffix of non-silent. Non-silent prevents the PAgP from operating in silent mode which is enabled by default. Silent mode allows the port channel to establish with a remote device that is not a PAgP capable and rarely sends packets. Non-silent requires the local interface to receive PAgP packets first before being added into the etherchannel. Non-silent is recommended to be used between PAgP compliant devices and allows links to be established more quickly than if the keyword was not used.




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