Cisco Talos

Cisco Talos is the threat intelligence organisation. A team of security experts who are supported by sophisticated security systems to c reate threat intelligence.

Cisco Talos threat intelligence detects, analyses and protects against known and emerging threats for Cisco products.

Cisco Talos is made up of three security research teams:

  • IronPort Security Applications
  • The Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team
  • The Cisco Threat Research, Analysis and Communications Team

Talos tracks threats across endpoints, networks, cloud environments, the web, and email to provide a comprehensive understanding of security threats and their root cause, plus scopes of any outbreaks.

Talos receives intelligence through various feeds:

  • Advanced Microsoft and other industry disclosures
  • Advanced Malware Protection Community
  • ClamAV, Snort, Immunet, SpamCop, SenderBase, Threat Grid, and Talos User Communities
  • Honeypots
  • Sourcefire Awareness, Education, Guidance, and Intelligence Sharing (AEGIS)
  • Private and public threat feeds
  • Dynamic analysis

All this feed data is used to create comprehensive threat intelligence that is fed into a wide range of security products to provide protection against an extensive range of threats.



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