Cisco StealthWatch Cloud

Stealthwatch Cloud provides the visibility and continuous threat detection required to secure on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments.

StealthWatch cloud can detect threats in real time in the network, or cloud.

StealthWatch is a cloud software-as-a-service solution.

StealthWatch Cloud is offered in two solutions:

Public Cloud Monitoring

Public StealthWatch Cloud provides visibility and threat detection in AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud infrastructures.

StealthWatch cloud can be deployed without user agents, instead relying on native sources of telemetry such as virtual private cloud flow logs.

StealthWatch Cloud will model all IP traffic inside VPCs, between VPCs, or to external IP addresses generated by the organisations resources and functions.

StealthWatch is also integrated with additional AWS services such as Cloud Trail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, Inspector, Identity and Access Management, and more.

Private Cloud Monitoring

A ligthweight virtual appliance needs to be installed on a virtual machine for private cloud monitoring. It will consume a variety of sources of telemetry data and extract to the StealthWatch Cloud for further analysis.

Private Network Monitoring is licenced based on the average monthly number of active end points monitored by StealthWatch Cloud.



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