Cisco Enterprise Network Functions Virtualisation (ENFV)

The Cisco ENFV solution is a Cisco solution based on the ETSI NFV architectural framework.

It reduces the operational complexity of branch environments by running the require networking functions as virtual functions on standard x86 based hosts.

It replaces physical firewalls, routers, WLC, load balancers with a single virtual device running on a x86 platform.

The Cisco ENFV provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduces number of physical devices to be managed at a branch
  • Reduces the need for truck rolls and technician site visits to perform hardware installations
  • Offers operational simplicity that new services, critical updates, VNFs and branch locations can be rolled out in minutes
  • Centralises management through Cisco DNA Centre.
  • Enhances network operations flexibility by taking full advantage of virtualisation techniques such as machine moves, snapshots and upgrades
  • Supports SD-WAN cEdge and vEdge router onboarding
  • Supports third party VFNs




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