Cisco ENFV: Management and Orchestration

Cisco DNA Centre provides the management and orchestration functionality to the Cisco ENFV solution.

It has a centralised dashboard and can provide the tools to design, provision, manage and monitor all branch sites across the enterprise.

Two main functions inside of DNA Centre are to roll out new branch locations or deploy new VNFs

Cisco DNA centre provides a centralised policy. It enables consistent network policies across all enterprise branch offices.

Centralised policies are built using network profiles.

Multiple network profiles can be built each with specific design requirements and virtual services.

Branch sites can be assigned to network profiles that match the requirements of the branch

Network profiles can include information such as configuration for the WAN and LAN interfaces, services and VNFs to be used (firewall, WAN optimiser) and device configuration for the VNFs.

Plug and Play provisioning provides a way to automatically provision and onboard new network devices.

When a new ENFV platform is brought up for the first time, it can use Plug and Play to register with DNA centre.

DNA centre will match the site to a network profile assigned to that site to provision and onboard the site automatically.




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