Cisco E-Mail Security Appliance

The Cisco E-Mail Security Appliance helps users communicate securely via email and helps organisations combat email threats with a multilayer approach.

Cisco E-mail Security Appliance contains a few capabilities to help prevent and combat threats.

Global Threat Intelligence

Real time threat intelligence is leveraged from Cisco Talos and Cisco AMP Threat Grid

Reputation Filtering

E-Mail Security Appliance blocks unwanted e-mail with reputation filtering, based on threat intelligence from Cisco Talos

SPAM Protection

E-Mail Security Appliance uses the Cisco Context Adapter Scanning Engine (CASE) to block SPAM e-mails. A SPAM catch rate of 99% with less than 1 in 1 million false positives.

Forged Email Detection

Forged E-Mail Detection protects high value targets such as executives against business e-mail compromise (BEC) attacks.

Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection (CAPP)

Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection combines Cisco Talos threat intelligence with local email intelligence and machine learning algorithms to model trust email behaviour on the internet, within organisations and in between individuals.

The intelligence is used to stop identity deception based attacks such as fraudulent senders, social engineering and BEC attacks.

Cisco Domain Protection (CDP)

Cisco Domain Protection helps preventing phishing emails from being sent using a customer domain

Malware Defence

Malware device protects against malware in e-mail with Cisco AMP for e-mail

Graymail Detection and Safe Unsubscribe

The security appliance detects and classifies graymail for an administrator to take action on if required.

Graymail is e-mails of marketing, social networking and other bulk sent messages.

This type of e-mail can come with an unsubscribe link which can be used for phishing – safe unsubscribe will protect against this type of phishing

URL-related Protection and Control

E-mail security appliance protects against malicious URLs with URL scanning and filtering in attachments, including shorterned URLs

Outbreak Filters

Outbreak filters defend against an emerging threat and b lended attacks by utilising security intelligence information from Cisco Talos

Web Interaction Tracking

E-mail security appliance reports on users that have clicked on rewritten URLs that were removed due to being malicious.

The reports include users who clicked on malicious URLs, the top URLs clicked by end users and the date plus time of the URL being clicked on.

Data Security For Sensitive Content In Outgoing Emails

Confidential outbound messages that match more than 100 policies included with e-mail security appliance are automatically protected by encryption footers and disclaimers, blind carbon copies, notifications and quarantining



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