Capturing a SIP trace / PCAP on a Mitel Controller

Capturing a SIP trace can help in diagnosing issues with SIP communications on a Mitel controller.

Log into the System Administration Tool and and navigate to Maitenance and Diagnostics, Maintenance Commands.

In the command box, type SIP TCPDUMP ON

At this point, run any test calls that you need to capture into a PCAP file.

Once test calls have been completed, remember to to type SIP TCPDUMP OFF. If you don’t turn off the capture it will continue to fill up hard drive space on the Mitel controller.

Now open a FTP client and navigate to the IP address of the Mitel controller, use the same credentials you use to log into the web interface as the credentials to log in via FTP.

With the FTP connection established, navigate to the directory path /vmail – in this folder you will find the .pcap file containing a trace of all the calls made on the system during the capture window.

Happy troubleshooting!



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