BGP Configuration

To begin, the BGP routing process needs to be initialised on the router with the command router bgp followed by the ASN, for example router bgp 65512

It is essential that a router ID (RID) is configured on the router, either statically or dynamically. The dynamic router ID uses the highest IP address of any online loopback interfaces, if none are available, it uses the highest IP address of any active online other interfaces.

If a static router ID is preferred, it can be configured with the command bgp router-id followed by the RID in an IP address format.

Next is to include the address families that will be used in the BGP process, use the command address-family followed by either ipv4 and ipv6, and whether the protocol will be unicast or multicast

Finally, the configuration can be put into use by specifiying a neighbour, with the command neighbor followed by the neighbours ip address, then the suffix activate



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