ADC Citrix

Free Developer Licence for Citrix ADC

This is different from the Freemium licence; so please make sure it is suitable both technically and licence agreement-wise for your use case.


Express Licence Overview of Features:

Developer Licence Overview of Features:

ADC Citrix

Changing a Citrix Netscaler / ADC IP via Console

By default the Citrix Netscaler IP listens on

One method of changing the management IP is through the console session, this is especially easy if it is a remote appliance.

Enter config ns on the command line

Now press 1 to select menu option 1, enter the new IP address.

Note: If it skips on the ADC configuration and goes straight back to the menu, press Ctrl + [ on your keyboard and type unset crlf to toggle the carriage return line feed setting. Press enter on the keyboard to return to the telnet session and try pressing 1 and enter again.

Next enter the subnet mask of the network. Press enter once completed then press 7 and enter to apply the setting. Accept the save and reboot the system.

Once rebooted, log in. The default gateway will need to be updated now.

show route will display the current active routes in the routing table.

Add the new route in with add route x.x.x.x

Substituting the x’s with the gateway of the network. Remember to save with save ns config